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Never Judge a Book by Its Cover
November 8, 2009, 12:55 am
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         Dairy Queen When I saw the cover depicted a cow in a tiara, my face contorted into a cringe. Had I not heard people thought the book absolutely amazing, the novel would have gone right back onto the shelf for some more adventurous reader to try. That probably would have been one of the biggest mistakes I have ever made in my reading selections. With a plot compiled of a teenager who takes a stand against the discrimination of women in sports with romance and growing-up, what girl would want to leave this book unread?

          With a name like D.J., I expected the protagonist to be a tomboy. This notion became further enforced when D.J.’s siblings consisted of only football players. Yet when her father could no longer accomplish all of the jobs required to run the farm, D.J., and sometimes her younger brother, fell into the role of waking up at the crack of dawn. Given the opportunity to train the quarterback of her school’s enemy, D.J. flatly refuses but quickly changes her mind. Of course, this book could not be classified as young adult without the two developing some sort of relationship. While this typically occurs, I became disappointed when nothing further then an attempt at a kiss transpired. Making a stand for women’s rights without realizing it, D.J. tries out for the football team. The main problem developed when she didn’t tell everyone who should have known of her intentions.

          This novel deserved all of the credit received from the previous readers. I have to admit, while this book did not enrapture me as much as Perfect Chemistry, I cried when Brian, the quarterback, wouldn’t speak to D.J. I did not completely break down, however, until the final football game where D.J.’s team played Brian’s team. No true reader could remain completely unaffected by the emotional tug-of-war. I wish more romance arose during their apologies, but I admit this may have been too much in the final scene. 



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