Reading for a Lifetime Together

November 12, 2009, 1:00 am
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TGB. . . When I first saw the title of this book, I thought to myself, “Hmm, this book is probably either very stupid or very easy to read.”  Turns out, it is both.  Although Neil Gaiman has a great imagination, his work seems somewhat childish.  Not to be entirely negative, I must admit that the last three-fourths of the book were interesting, even though the entire outcome was obvious.

. . . In the beginning of the book, Gaiman starts off with a murder scene.  As he was describing the murderer (“a man Jack” as he is called throughout the entire book), I felt disappointed because of how everything was set up.  I cannot find the exact words to describe his style of writing, but I do not like it.  When Jack fails to kill the baby, he comes back fourteen years later to finish the job.  As would be expected, Jack is about to kill the boy; but at the last second, the boy is saved by his own cleverness.

. . . In addition to this generic child’s-story, Neil has taken the liberty to install a few abstract pictures as well.  Also, Gaiman’s characters’ reactions do not correlate with what real people would do.  For instance, when Bod, the protagonist and former baby, is arrested, the policemen that are driving him to the police station accidentally hit a man.  After Bod sees that it is his “father” (who is not really a human), he tells this to the policemen – in a calm voice.  After they let him out to verify that it is indeed his dad, he starts accusing the two men for killing his dad.  He is neither sad nor crying while he is scolding the police.  The two men, however, are not really paying attention, but are instead walking off a distance to discuss what just happened.  Obviously, anyone reading this would be just as disappointed as I was when I read this.

. . . Overall, this book is just as I described it before – childish.  On the other hand, I found that breezing through it was very possible.  I do not recommend this book to anyone who wants to enjoy a good book.  I do, however, recommend it if you need to read a book within one or two days.

. . . Gary


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