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November 29, 2009, 10:44 pm
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. This is by far the best book that I have read so far for the Read for a Lifetime program.  It keeps you wondering how everything is going to turn out the entire story.  Of course, the main character would emerge victorious in the end, but Suzanne Collins gives very little hints as to who else will be among the last to compete in the Hunger Games.  Throughout the entire book, I was very eager to know how everything turns out.  I was very surprised at some points, and disappointed at other parts.  Overall, I think this book should be read by everyone.

. This book takes place in the future of America.  Apparently, North America is no longer in its normal state of activity.  It has been divided into twelve different districts, all to the east of the Rocky Mountains.  To the right of the mountains lies the capitol of this nation called Panem.  As each district gets higher in number, it gets poorer and weaker.  After an attempted revolt on the capitol fails, the Hunger Games were created.  These games require two tributes from each district; one male and one female between the ages of twelve and eighteen.  All tributes are sent to the capitol and prepared to fight to the death.  The purpose of this game is to show that the capitol is in complete control of the entire nation; it is a method of saying that they can take each district’s children and kill them without a problem.  When Katniss, the protagonist, offers to take the place of her sister when she is chosen to play the games, this becomes a first in the history of District 12.  She is sent with the male tribute, Peeta, to get ready for the fights.  Because she is a hunter, she is has an advantage over the average tribute.  During the training, Peeta and Katniss are instructed by their mentor to do everything together.  After two weeks of training, every tribute is sent to an arena dominated on one side by wheat fields, and a pine forest on the other.  Before the arena, however, each tribute is interviewed so sponsors can choose which tribute to give money and supplies.  During the interview with Peeta, he announces that he is in love with Katniss.  This is so dramatic that it ensures many sponsors for both of them.  Afterwards, in a matter of about an hour after the games began, nearly half of the tributes are already dead from fighting each other for supplies and weapons. At night, while Katniss is sleeping in a tree, she overhears someone breaking branches and starting a fire.  That person is killed, obviously; but, she was killed by a group of tributes that have made a pact.  Astonishingly, Peeta is among them.  He was helping them track down Katniss.  A few days pass and Katniss is trapped up in a tree with the pact of tributes trapping her there.  She spots a deadly breed of wasps in the tree above her, and knocks it down onto the other tributes.  After they leave, she goes down the tree and gets a bow and arrow left by one of the tributes.  What she didn’t know is that Peeta went back as well.  She thinks he is about to kill her, but he tells her to run away, saving her life.  Several weeks of fighting, hunting, and killing pass before one of the Gamemakers announces that, as long as the two tributes from the same district are the last two standing, this year’s game will have two winners.  After the announcement, it is obvious that the last two will be Peeta and Katniss.  Katniss eventually finds Peeta with a very deep cut on his thigh.  She cared for him until he was well enough to walk on his own.  During this time, they both pretended that they loved each other very much and kissed a lot.  I found this very overdone and boring.  This idea, however, is challenged when the Gamemaker announces, after Katniss and Peeta are the last two, that, unfortunately, only one of them can survive.  Angered by this evil plot, Katniss takes out some poisonous berries that she was planning to use on the other tributes and is about to eat it with Peeta to ensure that nobody will win; this act will show the capitol that they don’t own them, and it defies them.  Just as Peeta and Katniss are about to eat the berries, the Gamemaker quickly tells them to stop, and that they are both the winners.

. Gary


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