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A Game of Life and Death
January 9, 2010, 3:14 am
Filed under: novel

              Out of the books that I have read, this one is by far the best.  The book was definitely unpredictable.  Every time that I thought I knew what was going to happen, something else would happen.  Right off the bat, the hunger games surprised me because I thought that the hunger games was just an analogy of what life was like in district twelve, since everyone was starving there.  The truth is, the Hunger Games is actually a book about killing and more importantly, surviving.  The rules are quite simple, there are two contestants for each of the twelve districts, and there is one winner.  The contestants have to fight and battle it out and the one person who is left alive is the winner.

              Although Katniss is the main character, the book also revolved around Peeta. Ever since the beginning of the book when Katniss sacrificed herself to go to the Hunger Games instead of her little sister, the book also revolved around Peeta through the eyes of Katniss.  I also did not know that Peeta would publicly announce his love for Katniss, and neither did Katniss.  Panem, the “capitol” of the twelve districts who started this game as punishment for a rebellion, announced that there could be two winners only if they were from the same district.  So lucky for Peeta because he was hiding under leaves, due to an infected sword cut in is leg, when Katniss found him and rescued him, which made their “love life” grow.

              This would have been just like every other game, except that Peeta and Katniss were “desperately in love with each other”.  Through all of the hardships that they had to deal with, Peeta, with his still sliced up leg, and Katniss “miraculously” are the ones who survive.  The only reason that they both actually survived was because the gamemakers changed the rules again and sad that there could only be one winner.  Confused on what to do, Katniss ends up outwitting them because they have to have a winner for the games, they each took berries that could kill themselves, to threaten the gamemakers.  So they basically “cheated” the games, which made them furious.

              Overall, I loved this book.  But with every great book, there has to be some boring parts.  I would suggest everyone to read it.



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