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A Little Girl’s Nightmare
January 10, 2010, 9:43 pm
Filed under: novel

                              I would say that Coraline was a good book, for a ten year old.  There is this girl, named Coraline, who likes to “explore” everything.  Then there was this rainy day, and she could not explore outside so she explored inside and came across a door.  After getting her mommy to open the door, it led right smack dab into a brick wall.  After a while, she went to sleep and saw a “shape” moving in the shadows to the door.  She eventually obtains a “rock with a hole in it” and one day she goes into the room and the brick wall is gone, so the explorer goes through and ends up in a world that is basically like a kid’s nightmare of her house.  Everything was the same except the color, her parents, the cats and dogs could talk, and it was just weird.  Her “parents”, in this world, had buttons for eyes and were taller.  After a while of exploring this place, she goes back home and finds out that her parents were missing.  When she walked by the mirror, she saw the reflection of her and her parents and the parents wrote “help us” on the other side of the mirror.  Confused, she goes back in the other world and gets in trouble because she does not love her “other mommy”.  So the other mommy puts her through the mirror in a time out where there are “empty remains” of other children who never got away.  Coraline decides to challenge her to a game of exploring, and if she can find her parents and the three children’s spirits, she can go home and the other mom will have to cut off her right hand.  If she fails, she would have to stay there forever.  Coraline obviously wins by looking through the “stone with a hole in it” and she runs back through the door.

               So, if you like children’s books, I would tell you to go read this easy read about some girl’s “nightmare”.



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