Reading for a Lifetime Together

The Ghost Book
January 10, 2010, 9:53 pm
Filed under: novel

               Out of all the books that I read for “read for a lifetime”’ this is my second favorite.  Also, it was easy to read, so it only took me a day and a couple of hours to finish it.

               At the beginning, it explains the life of this one year old, the nameless main character at this point, of how his family was murdered and he ended up wandering into a graveyard.  Then the spirits discussed if they should save him, or just let him be.  They end up saving him from the murderer still chasing after him, under some conditions.  There must be ghost parents for this boy, and always a guardian for food.  The boy also gets special powers like the spirits that only work in the graveyard.  The rest of the book was spent on fairly meaningless adventures, which only led to him figuring out how to use the Ghouls door, meeting the witch and becoming friends, him finding a secret cave with this monster (that calls itself the Sleer) that is looking for a master to protect, and how he grew up.  The climax of the story was near the end when “the man Jack” (that was his name in the book) and some more of his gang (also called Jack, but had different last names) came to hunt down “Bod”, which is short for Nobody Owens which is the main character, to finish the job from thirteen years ago.  Bod ends up tricking one and making him fall into a twenty foot tomb and therefore making him sprain his ankle.  The rest of the gang got tricked and fell down the Ghoul door, which all that was left was the man Jack, who had an extremely strong sense of smelling.  The man Jack ends up finding the secret hiding place of Scarlett (an old friend of Bod’s that he was trying to protect) and Bod uses the Sleer to save Scarlett.  Then, Scarlett becomes afraid of him and runs away.  Bod lives in the graveyard until he was sixteen, when he had to leave because he was losing his powers due to his age.

               I would recommend this book to someone who wants to read a book, but to be able to understand it and to be able to read it fairly quickly.



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