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Thirteen Reasons Why to not Read this Book
January 10, 2010, 9:31 pm
Filed under: novel

               Thirteen Reasons Why is the most depressing book that I have ever read.  The whole story of this book can be summarized quite easily.  A girl named Hannah Baker committed suicide, and yes that is horrible, and she sent thirteen tapes for why she did it.

               The story is told by a boy named Clay.  He gets a box to him with no return address.  Inside are seven cassette tapes, and he already has a map.  Each side of the tape lists one person who caused her to commit suicide, and why, as Hannah is saying on each tape.  After you have finished listening to each tape, you have to pass it on.  Clay ends up staying up all night listening to the tapes and going to the red stars on the map that Hannah gave him.  But, of course Clay was Hannah’s love since he is the main character.  It was quite a predictable book, with not really much of a climax due to the fact this happened in one day.

               The whole book is depressing and it put me in a bad mood after reading it.  I would not recommend people reading this unless your purpose was to waste your time and feel bad afterwards.



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