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A Dead Girl’s Dramatic Story
January 14, 2010, 1:36 am
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     Thirteen Reasons Why by Jay Asher is full of mystery and depression.  The story of Hannah Baker is the most depressing story that I have ever read.  This book makes its readers feel many emotions that aren’t always felt while reading books. 

     Thirteen Reasons Why is about a girl, Hannah Baker, who moves to a new town the summer before her freshman year of high-school.  By her junior year, she commits suicide.  Before she kills herself, she creates seven tapes.  On each side of a tape she gives a reason for killing herself.  Each reason is a person that she came into contact with throughout the years that she lived in her new town.  One of her reasons is Clay Jensen, the main, living character in the book.  Clay recieves the tapes two-weeks after Hannah’s death.  Ever since Clay saw Hannah for the first time he had a crush on her.  He listens to Hannah’s tapes all through the night and walks around his town, going to different spots on Hannah’s map.  He listens to Hannah’s depressing life and learns that the rumors he heard about her weren’t true and that Hannah acctually had a crush on him also.  He is relieved to find out that Hannah had the tape sent to him because she wanted to apologize and tell him her true feelings, not because he made her kill herself. She just wanted him to know why she did it.

     The entire story is depressing and pretty predictable.  However, it is an easy read and keeps you interested throughout the entire story.  I read the book in less than a day and I absolutely loved it.  I kept wanting to know how each person would connect with Hannah’s death and why each person was on the tapes.  I would recomend it to anyone who likes puzzles, drama, or just sad stories.



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