Reading for a Lifetime Together

February 18, 2010, 2:22 pm
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.          I had already seen the movie, so my hopes were pretty high for the actual book.  Immediately, my expectations were crumbled down to nothing more than an amorphous blob of nothingness.  The book starts in a dull little place called the Shire.  Tolkien explains how unique and queer some hobbits are in the Shire.  For some reason unknown, I loathe the many times that the author uses the word queer.  One of the queerest hobbits of them all, Bilbo Baggins, turns 111; he plans a magnificent birthday party for himself.  As his preparations go on for several months, the wizard, Gandalf, shows up with fireworks.  Bilbo gives a magical ring to his heir, Frodo.  Frodo goes on a mission to destroy the ring with several of his friends.  Thus begins the epically boring story of Frodo Baggins, another queer hobbit from the Shire.  Partway through Tolkien’s storytelling, he makes a spelling mistake that annoys me to edge of rampage.  When Frodo is in the house of the elves, he says: “I wish Bilbo was hear to hear…” Although I tried to ignore this seemingly slight mistake, I found that I couldn’t.  I kept going back to that page to read and reread the quote as if I could change the spelling.  To sum up the rest of the story, Frodo continues with his quest, along with several others now, and survives several perilous instances.  Unfortunately, Gandalf dies and they must go on without him.  That is the basically the end of Book One.

.         Gary


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