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Funny Cows for the Dairy Queen
March 2, 2010, 2:56 am
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How could you resist a cow like this?

When the title of a book is Dairy Queen and the cover has a picture of a cow wearing a crown, it is hard to deny the book the attention it’s craving.  It’s even harder to resist when the cow is comical and looks like the one from the Chick-fil-A advertisements, which it did.  So, I checked it out from the library and carried it around with me for at least a week before finally starting to read it.

My delayed start aside, the book was charming and enjoyable.  Those who love gripping page turners, however, should leave it on the shelf.

The book centers around D.J., a girl who is about sixteen.  Her father hurt himself and could no longer take care of the cows on the family’s dairy farm, so the responsibility fell to D.J.  Now, it would seem that the entire book would be about how awful it is to be in high school, to be socially awkward, and to have to spend pretty much all of your free time taking care of cows, but that isn’t the case.  The book is about football.

A family friend, and football coach for D.J.’s  high school’s biggest rival, knows that D.J. is a hard worker and that she has her family’s talent on the field, so he asks her to train Brian, his quarterback.  D.J. slowly warms up to the idea, and she agrees to train him.  The entire book from this point on is about football and D.J.’s relationships with her friends and family, especially Brian.  D.J. makes some interesting choices over the summer, the main setting of the book, and these choices make this book a worthwhile, pleasant read.

-Gabriela Zamfir


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