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Briar Rose by Jane Yolan
April 1, 2010, 11:32 pm
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The title Briar Rose made me think of the Disney Princess Sleeping Beauty. So, I expected a similar story. I was wrong. This book was about the story of sleeping beauty, but revised. The book went back and forth from Rebecca’s (the main character) past and present. In the past, Rebecca’s grandmother was always telling her and her sisters the story of Briar Rose, and said that she herself was that princess. However, when the girls grew up, they stopped believing the story and that their grandmother was the real Briar Rose, except for Rebecca. This curiosity and love for her grandmother is what fuels the story. Before Rebecca’s grandmother dies, she makes a promise to her that she will find her grandmother’s castle. Instead of abandoning her promise like her family wants her to, she stays with it. Her editor and boss, she works for a newspaper, wants her to find out her grandmother’s story and write about it. Rebecca talks to a lot of people and her clues to her grandmother’s past are starting to unfold. To get to the bottom of things, she goes to Poland and finds a man in a picture with her and he agrees to talk to her. He tells her of her grandmother’s past and she is very surprised and moved by it. To get the full story, you will have to read Jane Yolans Briar Rose.

I really loved this story because it made me want to continue and not put the book down. The whole story was like a mystery and the clues that the grandmother left behind of her past were the guides. It was not what I expected from a story called Briar Rose; it was very different yet very pleasing. I would recommend it to anyone who likes a mystery or history of important events.

–Catherine Young


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