Reading for a Lifetime Together

Bridge to Terabithia
April 4, 2010, 9:07 pm
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Come on; who doesn’t love this book? It’s a classic. Show me one person who doesn’t need to read a good pick-me-up book every once in a while about two kids getting together and having fun during the summer? Though an easy read, that’s exactly what this book was for me.

At least, that’s what the book was at first. Tragedy strikes, and a character, though young and innocent, dies. That’s not what I expected. The book was an easy read, both in writing and in plot, so I expected the ending to fit with the rest of the ambiance that the book was setting.

The thing was, though, that in some weird way, the tragedy wasn’t…well, tragic. Of course it was sad. Of course you didn’t want it to happen; but the author had a way of turning everything around to show that, while never easy, life can be enjoyed. The true moral, I think, was that the hardships of life only make us stronger. Of course, the value of friendship was also very important.

I first read the book in 4th grade, so don’t expect it to be challenging. It’s an easy read with not so easy truths buried between each line.


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