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Diary Queen
April 5, 2010, 7:29 pm
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I really enjoyed reading the book Dairy Queen by Catherine Gilbert Murdock. This book takes place in Wisconson on a farm. D.J. Schwenk takes care of her family farm becuase her dad just had hip surgery. Her life is pretty miserable because she has no help. Her two older football star brothers left becuase of a fight with the dad, her mom works two jobs, and her younger brother refuses to talk. One day, the football quarterback from the town rival school, Brian Nelson, shows up to help with the farm and get training from DJ becuase of his coach. The two work together all summer and that gives DJ the idea to try out for her schools football team. She makes the team but Brian gets angry becuase they have been training together. He won’t talk to her for a while but after the scrimage against their two schools, Brian comes over and they kiss and become a couple. DJ ends up scoring a touchdown in her game, and her family gets back to normal.

I really enjoyed reading this book and it took me about a day and a half to finish reading it. I love football, but my dad didn’t let me play as a child, so this book really hit home. Also the romance in the story caught my attention becuase it was the farm girl dating the starting QB, they are two opposites yet they fall in love. I also like how the main character has so many conflicts that a normal girl, like me, would also have. It makes the story more realistic and fun. Not only does the main character have these problems, she is able to fix them in a mature and adult-like way.

I would highly recomend this book to any girls, but guys might not like it becuase it has more to do with love than football.

Sam Glaeser


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