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Hoops of Steel By John Foley
April 5, 2010, 5:30 am
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Hoops of Steel is about a senior basketball player who has a lot of issues going on his life.  The only thing that seems to keep him sane is his love of basketball.  Even though team politics keep him out of the starting lineup, he perseveres with different things in his life.  Jackson has family issues, shyness around girls, and issues with many of the people at his school.  His best friends are from a rival school’s basketball team, who meet to play basketball at the “High Court”.  In the end, Jackson seems to overcome all of these obstacles with basketball and his love of English.

I personally enjoyed this book a lot.  The story seemed very realistic and was enjoyable because I love reading books about sports.  The book explains how to deal with several different issues in life, including death and girls.  Jackson  was a very shy guy, especially around women.  He is like this because he has a lot of acne problems, which hold him back.  This book does a great job at showing shy guys that it is still possible to meet women, and it isn’t too embarrassing.  Also, the book portrays the struggles that appear in life, and then how to move past them.  I recommend this book  to anyone who loves sports book, or just like to read a story that helps you deal with life.

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