Reading for a Lifetime Together

Marley and Me
April 5, 2010, 10:02 pm
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I was inspired to read this book because I saw it in Target and was attracted to the front cover of a precious yellow lab puppy. This book is about the author Josh Grogan and his family’s 13 years with their yellow lab, Marley. Marley is probably the worst dog ever. He eats all their things, causes havoc, but is always is excused because they can tell he has a heart of gold and is just acting out. His behavior is so bad it is even suggested that he has a mental disorder. Marley was even in the movie The Last Home Run because he was mis behaving and escaped onto the set. Marley continues to show his love for the family as it grows and Grogan and his wife have children. Then at the end of the book Marley dies of a stomach condition. Then Grogan posts a eulogy to his dog in the newspaper and it received the most responses that any of his stories from his entire career had ever received.

I really love this book. It reminded me so much of my younger dog, Kylie, who is an absolute nightmare. She has eaten more things in my house like windowsills, couches, shoes, and the carpet. She is a great dog now though. She loves you unconditionally and is always the most excited of the 2 dogs to have you home. The part where they were describing Marley’s death, I read with a lump in my throat. It made me think of how I would feel if anything happened to either of my dogs and I how hard it is to lose a pet. That kind of writing is truly special and should be read over and over again.  -Jorden Guldner


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