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Perfect Chemistry by Simone Elkeles
April 5, 2010, 2:34 am
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Perfect Chemistry

It seems that most love stories I read have the same basic storyline: two complete opposites fall in love and overcome all odds to be together.

Perfect Chemistry fits this mold rather well.

However, I could not complain much about this novel. It reminded me of the storyline from Grease (one of my favorite movies) quite a bit. It describes the story of a stereotypical head cheerleader with the rich family and jock boyfriend and the story of the troublesome senior who relies on his gang to get him money to support his mom and brothers. Their stories meld when the two share a chemistry class and are forced to become partners for the year-long senior science project. They soon find that they share a common connection when they realize that there is much more to their lives than the stereotypes their peers assign them.

I found the double-narrative aspect of the story helped enhance the story by giving each character dueling thoughts and priorities. The word choices Elkeles uses give each character their own personalities instead of making them sound like the same voice. For example, Alex (the gang member) will cuss and talk about illegal activities more than school, while Brittany (the cheerleader) will use a bright vocabulary and think about her school and home life more than Alex. Together, these stories give a multi-dimensional look at modern high school life and teenage love.

-Morgan Munro


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