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The Hunger Games
April 5, 2010, 1:00 am
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Hunger Games

To write a bestselling book, an author must be able to combine a multitude of factors and craft them into a plot that is interesting, entertaining, personable, and suspenseful. Suzanne Collins did exactly that in her book The Hunger Games. The story is set sometime in the future or in some alternate reality. After a huge conflict encompassing the entirety of North America, a new country called “Panem” has risen from the ashes. Panem is ruled by a man named President Snow, and the nation is bound only by force. There are 12 districts and the “Capitol,” but the districts are ruled with an iron fist.

Katniss, a teenage girl from District 12, supports what’s left of her family (her mother and her sister, Prim) by hunting and selling things on the black market. The three manage to get by until Prim is picked for what is known as “the Reaping.” The Reaping and the games that followed (The Hunger Games) were established by the Capitol after the war to annually humiliate the districts and remind them of their place. Two “tributes,” one male and one female, are selected from each district to fight in a free-for-all bloodbath. The winner is the last tribute standing.

To save Prim, Katniss volunteers herself, and so begins an epic tale of political scheming, romance, action, and hardship. Katniss is forced to fight the other tributes in order to survive and to win aid for her district, and the story that follows is for you to find out.

The book was thoroughly enjoyable (I read it in one day…) although it was slightly childish at times. It was vaguely reminiscent of 1984 but still managed to forge its own path in the literary world. As I mentioned before, it had a great mix of conflicts and obstacles, thus ensuring that the book played to a wide variety of tastes. Suzanne Collins writes well enough to mesh all of these factors together into an enthralling story. The ending is very much a cliffhanger, and I think I will probably end up reading the rest of the series.

– Eli Bernstein


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