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Please Replace The Jungle In Civics!!!
April 7, 2010, 2:38 am
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                When I first saw this book I immediately said to myself “I don’t feel like reading another depressing slave book again.” However, I can honestly say that Chains is different. This book really captured my soul. Unlike many other “slave books” this book had a strong since of hope in it. I understood exactly what was going on throughout the book. Everything that happened in the book perfectly correlated with what I was learning in my civics class about the Revolutionary War. The book follows a little slave girl named Isabel. The setting is Revolutionary War time in New York. Isabel gets taken away from her home land along with her little sister. They both have the same owner, however, her little sister Ruth gets separated from Isabel. The main conflict within the book is Isabel’s search for freedom, her sister Ruth, and her decision to side with the rebels or patriots. Each side seemed to come with its own perks, but as Isabel would soon find out, neither side could truly be trusted. This book really digs deep into the lives of slaves during the war. I could feel a real connection with Isabel and the struggles that she went through. I often found myself crying on her behalf. Laurie Halse Anderson did an excellent job weaving real history into this novel. The accuracy of all of the battles and events that happened throughout the story really grabbed my attention. I recommend this book to every civics or US history class in America!


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