Reading for a Lifetime Together

Marley & Me
April 8, 2010, 2:23 am
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The movie should be ashamed.  This book is fantastic, circling around a young couple that is struggling with the trials life throws them.  They end up buying Marley, a cute puppy dog with a huge personality.

The dog brings the family closer together, through thick and thin.  The extra insanity actually, in a weird way, ends up providing a remedy for marriage, children, and money problems.

This book took a unique spin on life, running with the idea that you just need a little fun to get through life.  Of course, as many people know, the ending isn’t a very fun one.  Since I have recently lost two dogs, the book (as well as the movie) brought me to tears.  The writing was exceptional and the characters were full of personality.  The entire plot wrapped together beautifully.

The movie was good, and the book was better.  It was positive and quirky, wonderfully sad and happy, and very authentic.  I’d recommend it to anyone; it’s a very simple read.  Don’t go into it thinking about the movie, though, because really it’s like a different story altogether.  It’s a fun book to read, honestly, when there isn’t any oh-so-excited story to read instead.


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