Reading for a Lifetime Together

December 23, 2010, 8:50 am
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By: Amy Efaw

Devon is a young, female athlete with a bright future as a soccer player. The Olympics might have even been a possibility for her. So how could a 15-year-old girl like this, end up doing something as shocking as throwing a newborn baby in the garbage along with other trash from around her apartment?

While searching for information about the abandoned baby, a police officer finds himself on Devon’s doorstep. Her flirtatious mother, recently home from her night shift, answers the door and tries to hit on the officers while informing them that her daughter, Devon, stayed home from school due to being sick. When Devon’s mom snags her blanket away, it didn’t take long for the police to figure out who just gave birth.

Hastily, Devon is thrust into a world that she never imagined existed and an unknown future is quickly upon her. Her new world is filled of kids with complicated problems and a juvenile detention facility with 24 hour observation. With her mom vanishing from town and no friends, Devon is hopeless until she meets her lawyer, Dom.

As Devon’s story and murder trial unfold piece by piece, the reader begins to understand the denial Devon puts upon herself in order to function from day to day. Through the ugly facts of what she has done, Devon finally discover who she really is.

I didn’t want to stop reading and constantly wondered what would cause a teen to drive herself to such measures. The book is confusing at times, but over all it is pretty good. Unfortunately, the ending wasn’t as great as I expected and really makes you second guess how you perceive people that make up your own life.

~Ciara Kellogg


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