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If I Stay
December 23, 2010, 12:53 pm
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If I Stay
By: Gayle Forman

Mia, a 17 year old teen, loves her wonderful family that is made up by her eccentric ex-punk rocker dad, go-getting travel agent mother and loveable little brother Teddy. When a snow day arises due to the winter weather, Mia’s mom takes off work and they all decide to go on a family trip through the snow.

On the way to visit Mia’s grandparents, their car skids on a patch of ice and crashes into another vehicle. Mia wakes stunningly to discover that her loving parents have died on impact, changing her world forever. If I Stay is Mia’s view of the 24 hours from breakfast with her family through the chaotic aftermath of the deadly accident.

Throughout the story, Mia recounts her memories of the scene of the accident and the hospital. Intertwined with her most unforgettable moments of her life and the relationships with her family, best friend, and boyfriend is the story of her love for music and her ability as a remarkable cellist.

Right on the threshold of adulthood and important decisions, Mia mentally relapses into confusion about her life and self doubt as to why she should live, after the accident takes her whole family. As she lays unconscious in a hospital bed, her life replays beneath her eyelids causing her to decide whether to live or die. At the end, she makes her decision as she realizes that she has underestimated both herself and those she loves.

If I Stay is a must for an emotional reader who loves a story of romance, hope, and sorrow. I read the first page and was instantly hooked. Through the sad and happy times of Mia’s life, you are forced to root for her to the very end. Until I read the last sentence, my mind thought of nothing else.

Ciara Kellogg


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