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After by Amy Efaw
March 18, 2011, 4:51 am
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How does one describe a book  like After? Well, one could tell you that an extensive amount of research and a crafty author put together the story of honor student, soccer player Devon. Sure, her home life isn’t the best, without a father, and her mom not having a good job and constant boyfriends, but Devon’s grown up pretty well. At least, so everyone thought, until one day when Devon stays home from school, and it all begins. The police come to her door, asking about the baby found in the trash can outside her apartment. When the police pull off the blanket, it’s all revealed: the baby is Devon’s, and she’s arrested for attempted murder. The book follows Devon as her life changes, taking her from the hospital, to jail, to court, all the while Devon tries to piece together her memory.

This book is most definitely a must read.  It raises some high emotion, and some good questions. This book will make one think, make one ask themselves “Could someone really be pregnant and just so far in denial they would throw away their baby?” And it’s almost believable,  at least the way Amy Efaw sets it up. The human mind is a beautiful, complex thing, and she does an astounding job explaining how something that seems so unreal is possible. But the absolute best part is the ending, where any anger you feel at Devn, any amount of hate, seems to disappea, or at east mine did. But I can’t tell you the ending, or else the book will be spoiled.

Overall, I enjoyed this book. Extremely well written, and the characters are crafted perfectly. I recommend it to anyone, and give it a 4 out of 5.


~ Emily Adams (Class of 2013)


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