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Helping the Help
March 29, 2011, 1:48 am
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The Help by Kathryn Stockett is set in the town of Jackson, Mississippi during the early 1960’s. Aibileen is an old, black maid who raises the children of rich white people and Miss Skeeter, or Eugenia, is a rich, white woman who has just returned from college. The Help begins with Aibileen who is currently working for the Leefolts and is raising their young daughter, Mae Mobley. Miss Skeeter is a friend of Miss Leefolt and she comes over every week to play cards. That is how Miss Skeeter and Aibileen met. Unfortunately, Miss Hilly comes  over too. Miss Hilly is an extreme racist and she wants to separate blacks and whites as much as possible. However, Miss Skeeter isn’t racist so she and Aibileen decide to secretly write a book recounting the horrible tales of black maids working in the South. Gathering tales from Aibileen, Aibileen’s loud best friend Minny, and a dozen other maids, Miss Skeeter compiles them into a book and publishes for the whole world to see forever changing Jackson, Mississippi.

Personally, I really enjoyed reading this book even though I had a little trouble getting past the beginning. However when I began reading the maids’ tales, I was hooked. Whenever I read those stories, I was horribly fascinated. One of the tales was how one white woman made her maid rub lotion mixed with bleach onto her hands which scarred the maids hands forever. It was these stories that made The Help  interesting. The only problems I had with The Help would be the ending. I didn’t like that Miss Skeeter ended up alone even though she moved to New York and also that Aibileen didn’t have a certain future.

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