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Going Bovine
April 4, 2011, 1:44 am
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I liked this book. While it wasn’t something that made me want to stay up all night just to read it, it was still interesting. The kind of dark humor and sarcastic thinking made me laugh. It actually reminds me of how I think. However, as soon as I told my friend this, she said that this book scared her. I also loved how there were obscure references to other books, movies, and other random things. I don’t know if the author even realized she put them in there, but every once in awhile, I would read something and think “Shrek!”, “The Pursuit of Happiness!”, and even “Travelocity’s traveling gnome!” One such time was when Cameron and Gonzo where on the bus to Florida and he said,”You’re not going to say something cheesy like ’people are like onions; they have lots of layers,’ are you?” – Cameron (This was the Shrek one). Even though it was funny, since the entire book (or most of it) was about Cameron’s delusions when he was on drugs for his disease, you felt like you got to know him really well. Someone once said that what people don’t say tells us more than what they do. Imagine an entire book about what a person didn’t say, and you have this book.

-Victoria B.


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