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Along For The Ride
April 6, 2011, 12:29 am
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While not the fastest paced book at the beginning, the story begins about the same as many of Dessan’s books: About a girl. This girl, Aden, is not the typical high school grad. Instead of looking forward to the summer parties, Auden looks to her text books for entertainment for her many sleepless nights, or so she thinks. That is, until Auden decides to go spend the summer “reconnecting” with her father, and meeting her new step-mom and baby sister, Thisbe, in an attempt to get away from her feminist mother. There, Auden learns how much she missed growing up, as well as meets many new friends, and maybe someone even more important, Eli. And throughout the book, Auden learns what it really means to be grown up.

I liked it. However, I am highly biased, as I love almost everything Sarah Dessan write. Still, I liked it, because some of Dessan’s characters don’t deal with an above average intelligence, so this was a new take on her typical love stories. The characters were still very real, and you ould connect very easily to them. The plot was good.

Overall, I give the book a 5 out of 5. I would most likely recommend it as a summer read, since it occurs in the summer time.

~Emily Adams (Class of 2013)


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