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Along for the Ride
April 6, 2011, 3:54 am
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Along for the Ride was just lovely! This girl, Auden, goes to live with her father, extremely young step-mother, and newborn baby sister the summer before she leaves for college.  She gets to spend her summer in a beach town where all the girls seem a lot girlier than her, and all the boys seem immature. Except for Eli. Eli is the mysterious one with a tough past. He used to be an excellent biker, but hasn’t put his tires in the bowl in over a year. As fellow insomniacs, they share many late-night adventures and learn to survive the summer together. They share pie in an underground coffee shop, spend endless time trying to pick out a new name for the bike shop, and become familiar faces at the local convenience store. Eventually, these late nights bring them close enough that Eli  talks abouthis past, and Auden finally let’s him teach her how to ride a bike.

Personally, I loved this book! I had only read one other Sarah Dessen book before this and wasn’t sure whetheror not it would be as good. It was even better, of course. Along for the Ride was definitely a five-star novel, in my opinion. In hopes that all her novels are as good as this one, I plan on reading plenty of Dessen’s works.

-Hannah Stinson


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