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Swim the Fly
April 6, 2011, 4:25 am
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Swim the Fly reveals all the truths about teenage boys. The novel is based around a summer goal and the various failures that come in trying to achieve this goal. Each summer Cooper, Matt, and Sean set a goal to accomplish before the school year starts up again. As they’ve gotten older, the goals have become more difficult and crude. This summer they all have to see a naked girl, in the flesh. They try everything from sneaking into the girls lockeroom at the local gym, to hiding in a closet while too kids from their school hook up at a party. Matt also has a few personal goals to achieve. He must swim the butterfly and get Kelly, the hottest girl on the swim team, to notice him. Goal #1 is achieved when they see their swim coach at a nude beach. Goal #2 is achieved with the help of an insane wsim coach named Ulf. Goal #3 is unfortunately never achieved, but he does however end up datng Kelly’s adorable, French best friend.

This book was FABULOUS. The crude humor was light-hearted and far from distasteful. You couldn’t help but love the boys in the novel. The honesty was refreshing and completely satisfying. I definitely suggest it to everyone, regeardless of what type of books they like. Swim the Fly was a fun, easy read that I enjoyed picking up anytime I needed a laugh.

-Hannah Stinson


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I haven’t read this book yet, but I heard that the book is pretty “sexual” at times. I’m glad that you liked the humor.

Comment by Ms. Bielong

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