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Swim The Fly By: Don Calame
April 6, 2011, 1:50 am
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Swim The Fly is a book about three boys, Sean, Matt, and Cooper, for their summer goal want to see a real, live naked girl. During the summer they practice with their swim team and come up with elaborate plans to see a naked girl. Kelly is a new girl on the three boy’s swim team, and all of the boys think that she is super hot. Matt tries to impress her by raising his hand and offering to do the butterfly since one of their team mates can no longer swim it. Matt has now the difficult task ahead of perfecting the butterfly stroke. When Matt tries to find another swimming pool to practice in he soon ends up taking lifeguard classes by accident. His instructor, Ulf, is very demanding of the boys in his class. Now does Matt not only have to swim the fly, he has to take classes he does not want to take.

I laughed constantly throughout the book while I was reading it because there are many parts that are just very ironic and cheesy. Matt, Sean, and Cooper reminded me of hormone filled teenagers that would do anything to see a naked girl; which is exactly what they do. I laughed until the very end; I really enjoyed reading this book.

Samantha Ormesher 4th hour


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