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Wintergirls By:Laurie Halse Anderson
April 6, 2011, 1:06 am
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Wintergirls is the story about a girl named Lia. Lia suffers inside a skin that she thinks that is too big for her. Lia cuts herself and sheds off pounds by not eating. Lia is anorexic. Her family does not seem to understand what she is going through in her eyes, and she does not feel like she is enough. Throughout the pages of the book Lia is reminded of Cassie, who was bulimic. Lia is having a hard time coping with Cassie’s death even though she had not talked to Cassie for a while. Soon Lia meets Elijah. Elijah wanders from place to place, and soon becomes a friend to Cassie. Towards the end of the book Lia is withering away to the point of no return; she must decide to face her biggest fears or wither away to nothing.

I loved how Anderson presented anorexia in this book. I flipped through the pages easily and effortlessly. Anderson is an amazing author and truly knows how to get inside another person’s mind. She reminded me of some of the problems that I face on an everyday basis; those problems mostly consist of the question: Am I good enough? While I read this book I learned that I can never be perfect, but I can try to be happy with who I am.

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