Reading for a Lifetime Together

April 6, 2011, 4:41 am
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Wintergirls was a about a girl named Lia, whose best friend was recently found dead in a motel room after excessive binging a purging. Lia not only a victim of loss, but also self-harm, in the form of cutting and anorexia. After various stints in the hospital, Lia seemed to be getting healthier. With Cassie’s death, her family become concerned that another cycle of anorxia will result. The disease not only convinces Lia that her deteriorating body in attractive, but is also huanting her with Cassie’s ghost. Throughout the novel, Lia falls deeper into her disease, breaks her sister’s heart, pushes her parents further away, and meets a mysterious boy who just wants to save her. All these heartbreaking events fall to togther and help Lia realize that she doesn’t have to be a wintergirl like Cassie chose to be. She deserves life.

Wintergirls was right up my alley. It was depressing, involved various forms of self-destruction, and contained high levels of teenage angst. I’m always attracted to these type of books for some reason. Perhaps they make me more appreciative of my life, and this novel definitely helped to do that. Having read Speak (and not being very pleased by it), I wasn’t really looking forward to reading Wintergirls. However, it was a pleasant surprise. I loved it and couldn’t put it down!

-Hannah Stinson


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