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Because I am Furniture
April 3, 2012, 11:28 pm
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Because I am Furniture: Thalia Chaltas

By : Mary Blanquart Because I am furniture [Book]

In this book Anke is in a house with an abusive father. However, he isn’t abusive to her. In fact Anke thinks he does not even know she exists. Anke is a freshman and tries out for the volleyball team and makes it. She is learning to use her voice and call the ball. At first she is just seen and not heard. However, after a lesson or two she gets it. There is a girl who her father has his eye on, but Anke thinks is so annoying. She gets her eye on a boy herself. She grown in high school a lot. However, she is still stuck at home where at night she could hear her father raping her older sister. She becomes in a position where she has to work with the annoying girl she gets stuck with often. The friend goes to Anke’s fathers office where her father tries to rape the friend. This finally pushes Anke over the edge. She fights out against her father and is backed by her family. Her father is taken off to jail, and she becomes closer to her family. I loved how this book was written. It was good, but I have read better.



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