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Rules of Attraction
April 3, 2012, 10:57 pm
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Rules of Attraction: Simone Elkeles

By: Mary BlanquartRules of Attraction [Book]

Rules of Attraction is about a Mexican boy named Carlos. Carlos was getting in trouble is Mexico so his mother sent him up to live with his older brother Alex. Carlos  hates this and insists on being cocky and a hand full to his brother. Carlos goes to a party with a hot girl he meets. He drink and does drugs with the gang. The hot girl tries to get with him but Carlos is not feeling it and leaves. One day at school there is a drug search where someone plants drugs in his backpack. With this incident Alex arranges for Carlos to live with his professor who’s daughter Carlos has been fighting with ever since he came to the school and she was his guide. Carlos and Kiarra get closer and closer. Eventually they find them selves going almost all the way. However, Mexican gang ties are not that easy to break. Carlos is jumped bringing his new foster dad into it. They plant a bust and Carlos and Kiarra can live happily together after all, and they end up getting married. I loved this book so much. I never wanted to put it down. I love romance books and action. This book married them perfectly. It was a very easy read. I don’t reread many books, but i would defiantly reread this one.


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