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Autobiography of a Face
April 4, 2012, 12:03 am
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Autobiography of a Face: Lucy Grealy

By: Mary BlanquartFront Cover

At a young age Lucy is hit with a ball during P.E. The next day her jaw hurts. She goes to the dentist where she is diagnosed, and sent to the hospital. There she is re diagnosed and has to go into surgery. At first she thinks she is cool and is living in ward ten of a children’s hospital. She messes around and has fun not really understanding her situation. She is so young, but she is diagnosed with a rare form of deadly cancer. This will change her life forever. Lucy is attention starved and only focuses on the attention she is getting instead of the pain. Lucy under goes a surgery where half of her jaw is removed. After this she never feels the same. As she grows up she feels ugly and is constantly teased. On top of this she goes through chemo therapy and radiation treatment. This causes her teeth to be messed up sending her to the hospital a lot and her blonde hair to fall out. Lucy struggles with self image throughout the entire book. She eventually finds a safe haven with horses while she tries to reconstruct her face, but only finds more disappointment. I hated this book .I did not care for how it was written. It also seemed slow even when everything was happening. I would never suggest this book. Also, since I didn’t care for it the book took me forever to read.


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