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Because I am Furnature
April 4, 2012, 6:11 pm
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Because I Am Furnature: Thalia Chaltas: Laurel Mueth. This book is about a girl named Anke. She gets ignored at home while her sister gets all of the attention, but at first she doesn’t know the truth about the sttention. All she knows is that her dad goes into her sisters room at night, her mom crying and later, her sister crying as well. She doesn’t understand why. She’s scared of her dad, and doesn’t want to put any light on herself, for fear that shell have to go throught what her sister goes through. She can’t go to the police because her mother won’t let her. Personally, I found this novel very interesting for many reasons. For one, even though she knows what her father does to her sister is wrong, Anke doesn’t do anyhting. She was raised trying to keep her family’s secret a secret. The causes and effects of her dad’s incest has a very deep impact on her life. She learns to fear her dad, and all men in general, for that matter. Plus, she has a lot less self respect. This is caused from the years of ignorace in her childhood years, all from her father. At the end of the book, Anke finds her father doing something to one of her friends, and she finally decides to stick up for herself and her family. The basketball team helps her to use her voice to stand up for what she believes in.    


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