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Five Flavors of Dumb
April 4, 2012, 10:03 pm
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Five Flavors of Dumb: Antony John: Laurel Mueth. This book is about Piper, a deaf girl going to high school. She doesn’t have many friends, and being a high school girl is hard. One day she sees a couple of band members playing on the school grounds before school. They’re from the band called Dumb, and as far as she can tell, they’re good. Just to make a point, she volunteers to be manager for the band, even though she’s deaf. They give her a month to prove herself, and she has to find the band a gig to play at. At first things go downhill, due to personal conflicts between the band members. They disagree on who should be in the band, what songs they should play, and who should play what during those songs. Plus others things as well. Then things start looking better for them. Piper finds a place they can record at, but that ends badly. Then they get an offer to go on the air for a local TV station, but that ends badly as well. Throughout the whole book, there are oppsticles in their way of making it to the top as far as rock bands are concerned. I personally have never read a book from the point of view of a deaf person, so I really got to learn what its like, not being able to really hear anything. I think the point of the story, the big lesson, was to say that you shouldn’t give up. Piper didn’t give up on the band and she was rewarded for it. I also thought the ending was really good.


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