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Five Flavors of Dumb by Antony John
April 9, 2012, 6:19 pm
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Sarah Gruenewald

Piper is a deaf girl that is practically invisible at her school, not that she’s not alright with that. Her best friend, who is also deaf, Marissa, moves away, leaving Piper all alone. Her baby sister was born deaf, in order to pay for her surgery, Piper’s parents end up dipping into Piper’s college fund to got to her dream, hearing impaired- friendly college. Fed up, and feeling all alone, Piper lashes out on the school’s garage band, Dumb. She threatens the members, and it end up turning into a job offer; she takes it to prove to herself that she’s not useless, out of principle, and the fact that she needs to start saving for college again. She doesn’t know the first thing about music (for obvious reasons), but she doesn’t let that nor the fact that all she has to work with is a self-absorbed singer (Josh), a stonehead act-a-like bassist (Will), and an angry, intimidating girl guitarist (Tash) stop her from trying to get Dumb a paying gig. After adding a nerdy drummer (Ed) and an airhead pretty-girl that doesn’t know the first thing about playing in a band (Kallie), Dumb gets on a soft-rock station. Dumb is not, nor has it ever been, “soft rock.” The only reason Dumb is even featured is that Kallie’s charm and good looks entrance those in charge, not their somewhat-soft-rock-song Piper threw together 2 weeks before the interview.  After anonymous notes online that lead them to pieces of rock-n-roll history (Bob Marley’s house, Kurt Cobain’s house), Piper learns that music runs much deeper than just sound. She also ends up falling for Ed, who’s had a crush on her. Together, they can take on the world. Tash’s mom gives Piper a haircut that assures that nobody will overlook Piper Vaughn again, assuring her that she is perfect because of her flaws. The book ends at Dumb playing a concert in front of thousands of screaming fans.

Reaction: I loved this book so much! I could not put it down. This would make a fantastic movie, and I hope there’s a sequel but I don’t think it could measure up. It was a really funny, feel-good book. I like how it emphasized forgiveness. I would recommend this book without any hesitation.


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