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Around the World in Eighty Days
April 10, 2012, 10:40 pm
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Louis Holm

Phileas Fogg is an English genteman who runs his life on an extremely precise schedule. He belongs to a fancy gentleman’s club in London, where he has a few friends with which he gambles money over games of bridge. One day, they start a conversation about traveling around the world, and how long it would take. A popular magazine calculated that it would take eighty days to do, but only Phileas Fogg supports this claim. He makes a wager with his bridge buddies that he will be able to do it. Phileas Fogg begins his trip immediately, unaware that he is suspected by the police for robbing a bank, and that they are hot on his trail (Don’t worry, he didn’t do it). He takes his housekeeper/paid servant along with him, and he is sidetracked more than once, spending most of his acquired fortune on travel expenses. He picks up an indian woman along the way, saving her from being sacrificed by some religious figures. When he finally makes it back to England, he is immediately arrested by the cop that trailed him this whole way. He looses valuable hours in a holding cell, and is unable to make it to the final destination on time, to win the bet. he goes home and goes to bed. The next day, Phileas Fogg proposes to the Indian woman, and sends his servant to fetch a priest for the wedding tomorrow. However, due to some scientific thing (Phileas traveled towards the rising sun, so he witnessed 80 sunrises, while his friends only saw 79, being stationary) It is actually the day that he is supposed to meet his friends at the final destination! He makes it there with just seconds to spare, and wins the bet!

Reaction: I really liked the ending, because of the suspense. The book was very descriptive. I had seen parts of the movie version, and this book filled in the cracks very nicely.


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