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From Baghdad With Love
April 10, 2012, 11:34 pm
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Louis Holm

This book follows a U.S. Marine as he and his squad find a puppy in a building in Baghdad. They care for it, but do so carefully, because of a rule that doesn’t allow pets for the troops. The squad then tries to find a way to get the puppy out of Iraq. The man who actually found the dog e-mails a bunch of people in the U.S., trying to find a way for the dog to get out. He finds an organization that helps people like him get their pets out of the country, and safely to the States. Using an NPR reporter for help, he almost gets the dog out, but is rejected at the border. He tries again, with the same failure. Finally, a group pulls together to help him, and, backed by Iams, they manage to get the dog, named Lava, out of Iraq, on a plane transporting bomb-sniffing dogs out of Iraq.

Reaction: This is one of the only non-fiction books I’ve ever read, outside of those that I used for research, and I really liked it. It made me a little scared for a while at the end, when it seemed like the Military law was about to crash down on Lava Dog’s furry little head. I was so relieved when Lava finally got out of the country.


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