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Ship Breaker
April 10, 2012, 11:19 pm
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Louis Holm

Nailer is a ship breaker, in a fictional world where the worlds natural supplies of oil and fossil fuels have run out. His job is on the light crew of the ship breakers, traveling through the tight air ducts in beached ships, looking for copper, aluminum, and other metals, in the form of wires or staples. He harvests these metals, trying to get enough to make his quota for the month. He, along with almost everyone else, dreams of finding a “Lucky Strike”, or a large deposit of metal or oil that he can use to buy his way out of the ship breaking business. He is going through the ducts one day when he finds a lucky strike, unfortunately, he falls into it, and is unable to get out. He is then stuck in a large pit of oil, waiting for help, and trying to keep his head above the oil. Eventually, his crew mate, who is looking for an opportunity to be promoted, finds him, but leaves Nailer in the oil to die, so that she can take his place on light crew. Eventually, nailer finds a door to the outside under the oil, and he gets out. Nailer’s crew mate is banished, and Nailer is alive, but he was hurt when he got out, a piece of metal almost punctured his lung. He is off of light crew for a while, while he recuperates. There is a large storm that week, and everything is thrown about and flooded. When Nailer (Now dubbed “Lucky Boy” by his friends) goes out to explore after the storm, he finds a beached ship. It is one of the new ships that, in the absence of oil, uses wind to power it. Lucky Boy goes into the ship and finds a lot of silverware, very valuable for him. He also finds a lot of dead bodies, but one is especially grim. A girl is laying on a bed, covered in furniture from the ship. But the bad part is that she is still alive. She is caught up in a bad business relationship, mafia style, between her father and one of his business partners. Nailer and the girl escape the ship breaking yards with a mutant dog-faced man that helps them get to safety. The girl, nicknamed Lucky Girl, is kidnapped, and Nailer gets on a ship to try and rescue her. A battle at sea ensues, and Lucky Girl is safe again.

Reaction: I really liked all the action, adventure, and suspense in this book. Personally, this is my favorite type of book to read. I wish that the Read For a Lifetime book list had more books like this one.


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