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Around The World in Eighty Days By Jules Verne
April 11, 2012, 2:09 am
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Matthew Stehnach

The story begins in England. Where we are introduced to Phileas Fogg, a man who basically runs on time, in this I mean that he is very precise and if something goes wrong in his plan, he becomes very upset. (He even fires his valet because the temperature of his shaving water is off by two degrees). One day, ironically it is the day of Passepartout’s first day of work as Fogg’s new valet, that Fogg makes a bet with his friends at the Reform Club that he can circumnavigate the world in no more than eighty days. This bet however, is half of Fogg’s fortune which is a total of twenty thousand pounds. This has turned into a very important race for him. Can Fogg complete the journey in no more than eighty days? Including time for unforeseen delays? These unforeseen delays cover the book.

Overall, I give this book four stars, although slow at times. Around The World In Eighty Days is like no other book I have read before. Which I why I like it, instead of being a main visual antagonist like other books the antagonist in this book is time, which Fogg is competing against. Although, there are sub plots that indeed have an actual character that is against Fogg, it is not great enough of a threat to be a major problem. This book was out of the genre that I normally read, but I did enjoy it and it proves to be educational as well as the book is full of tidbits about geography as well as history.


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