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Ship Breaker
April 11, 2012, 3:11 am
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Vimal Patel

Ship Breaker by Paolo Bacigalupi is about Nailer Lopez or “Lucky Boy” and Pima who work light crew on the crew of ship breakers on the American Gulf Coast. The world has run out of natural supplies of oil and fossil fuels. They scavenge for copper, aluminum, and metal wiring from shipwrecked oil tankers in order to survive. They dream of a “Lucky Strike” so they can one day hopefully leave the ship breaking business. One day, they come upon a luxurious yacht which they hope will live up to their expectations. During their search, they come upon multiple dead bodies, but Pima finds that one of them is still alive. It is Nita Patel or “Lucky Girl,” the niece of the CEO of a major trading clan. Richard Lopez, Nailer’s father, discovers this and captures them. They end up escaping with a dog-faced man named Tool. They escape to Orleans II where several weeks later, Richard shows up too. Tool gets into a brawl and Nailer ends up having to leave Nita in a building while he inspects one of the ships. In the ship, he reveals himself to the captain. While the captain gathers up the crew of the ship, Nita is nowhere to be found. They find Tool who tells them that their enemy was led straight to Nita. They end up being chased by the ship that took Nita all the way to Bright Sands Beach, Nailer’s home, where he tricks the other ship to steer into a cave. Here, they board the other ship, save Nita, kill Nailer’s father, and leave without a scratch to the ship.

Reaction: I liked the fact that this book was set in a post-apocalyptic future because most books are set in the past or the present. It was full of action and adventure which I enjoy in books. I recommend this book to people who prefer fiction, action, and adventure all in one book.


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