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The Glass Menagerie
April 11, 2012, 12:47 am
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Vimal Patel

The Glass Menagerie by Tennessee Williams is a memory play. The memory comes from the narrator, Tom Wingfield, who is also the main character. The play is set in the city of St. Louis in 1937. He recalls memories of when he worked in a shoe warehouse because his father, Mr. Wingfield, abandoned the family sixteen years ago. Tom was left to support his mother, Amanda, and his sister, Laura. After Mr. Wingfield’s departure, Amanda became very distraught. She yearned for her children’s comfort, but at one point also felt kind of “hateful towards them. Laura, on the other hand, is physically crippled because of her leg. She is isolated from the outside world so she in turn creates her own little world inside her home with her collection of glass figurines. All of this make life for Tom is difficult. Amanda always tells her children about the amount of suitors she had in her youth which ends up disappointing her when she thinks about it because Laura doesn’t have any suitors. Laura also dropped out of college secretly by wandering around the city because of her shyness in class. Tom can’t take this anymore so he turns to liquor and movies. He tries to get one of his friends, Jim O’Connor, to be one of Laura’s suitors. Unfortunately, Laura is too shy to eat with him so he has to go into the living room with her where they dance and kiss, but then tells her that he already has a girlfriend. Tom eventually gets fired from his job and then leaves Amanda and Laura behind just as their father did. However, he cannot let go of the guilt he feels for Laura.

Reaction: I didn’t really like this book mostly because it was a play. However, it was written very well so I still give it four out of five stars.


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