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The Good Earth
April 11, 2012, 12:49 am
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Taylor Damann

The book The Good Earth was basically about a man named Wang Lung who is a poor farmer in China. Wang Lung lives with his very old father. In the very beginning, he marries a slave from the royal house and is very excited to start his new life. At the start of their marriage, they have great success with the harvest and their firstborn is a son. However, as time moves on, a famine comes on the land and Wang Lung and his family faced hardships and are forced to move and leave his beloved land. The family later resorts to stealing and begging and but more land. Soon, the two realize that their oldest daughter is retarded. After becoming rich, Wang Lung falls in love with Lotus and has her as his concubine while O-lan is very ill. She soon dies. When she dies, the sons rebel against him and he takes in another concubine. At the end of the book, although Wang is wealthy and has many children and grandchildren, he does not have a happy family. I thought this book was very good mostly because the author made the character so life like. One would almost think that the story was completely true. Some parts of this book were very brutal though like when O-lan had to strangle the baby. Overall, this was a good read.    


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