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The Great Gatsby
April 11, 2012, 2:06 am
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Vimal Patel

The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald is about a man by the name of Nick Carraway who is also the narrator. Nick went to school at Yale and fought in World War I. He has come to New York City during the summer of 1922 to learn about the bond business. He gets a house in the West Egg district where he will be next door neighbors to a mysterious man named Jay Gatsby. Jay throws mind blowing parties every Saturday in his Gothic mansion. Nick also has a cousin in the East Egg which is the fashionable end of Long Island. One day, this cousin, Daisy, and her husband, Tom, introduce Nick to Jordan Baker. He soon falls into a relationship with her. During this relationship, Jordan tells Nick that Tom has a lover, Myrtle Wilson. Then at a party in New York City, Myrtle taunts Tom about Daisy and Tom ends up breaking Myrtle’s nose. Eventually, Nick gets invited to one of Jay Gatsby’s parties where he runs into Jordan. They end up meeting Gatsby himself who calls everyone “old sport.” He takes Jordan alone and talks to her about his love for Daisy that he’s had ever since 1917. The reason he throws his parties is to impress Daisy, but he is also scared to tell her he loves her. Gatsby and Daisy meet once again as Nick hosts an awkward reunion. Here, they begin an affair. Tom’s suspicions are aroused when he catches Gatsby staring at Daisy with passion. He is outraged even though he himself is in an affair. Tom confronts Gatsby. He tells him about his marriage and convinces Daisy to stay away from Jay. Later on, Tom, Nick, and Jordan find out that the driver of Gatsby’s car has killed Myrtle. The driver was Daisy, but Gatsby insists that he will take the blame. Myrtle’s husband wants justice so he finds Gatsby and shoots him and then commits suicide himself. Finally, this is all too much for Nick so he ends up moving back to the Midwest. Nick thinks that the American dream is the pursuit of wealth and that Gatsby’s dream was transforming dreams into reality. Both of these dreams are over.

Reaction: This is a very famous American novel, and now I know why. It’s easy to follow and understand and the plot is modern. I enjoyed this book even though I thought it was lengthy and would recommend it to everyone. 


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