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The Green Glass Sea
April 11, 2012, 1:17 am
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Taylor Damann

In the book The Green Glass Sea, a young girl named Dewey (after the Dewey Decimal System) is living with her dad at a secret base in Los Alamos. Dewey loves to make machine and is a genius at math and mechanical things. Suzie, who is one year older, lives in Washington D. C. with her two parents who both work and cannot seem to fit in with other girls. When Dewey’s dad gets orders to leave for a while, Dewey must move in with Suzie. At first, the two girls do not like each other at all. Immediately, though, Dewey takes a liking to Suzie’s mom. As time goes on with Dewey missing her dad, her and Suzie become best friends and allies through the war time. The most interesting part about this book is that it does focus a lot on historical aspects of the race in countries to build atomic bombs, which is Dewey’s dad’s job. I am not much into history, but seeing how the arms race could affect kids in such a way was very powerful. Personally, my favorite character, without a doubt, was Dewey because she is the “little weird kid” who likes math and science- which I have always been. I suggest this book definitely for anyone who wants a somewhat educational read. 


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