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The Importance of Being Earnest
April 11, 2012, 1:04 am
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Taylor Damann

This book has a man named Jack who is the guardian to a young beautiful girl, Cecily. For his whole adult life, he has pretended to have a brother who always gets into trouble and is constantly sick named Ernest. Jack’s best friend Algernon thinks he is named Ernest and suspects he has a double life when he found a note from Cecily saying “Uncle Jack”. Now, Jack tells Algernon about the double life and almost kills his fake side when the women he loves, Gwendolyn, shows him affections but is set on the name Ernest. Later, Algernon shows up at Jack’s house pretending to be Ernest. Ernest (Algernon) and Cecily fall in love and she pretends like they have been in love for a long time. Now each man wants to be christened later that day to be named Ernest. Later, the two women discuss how they are both engaged to men with different names and demand to know where Ernest is. When the men tell the truth, both are furious and retreat to the house together. After much confrontation, the two men find out that they both actually are named Ernest from birth. Even though this play was confusing at times, the book was very good. The best part was how hilarious this was to read. 


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