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April 11, 2012, 12:36 am
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Taylor Damann

The book Willow is about a girl who is an average high school student, or at least used to be. About a year before the beginning of the book, Willow drove her parents home after they drank a little too much. The night was one of the worst storms of the year and she crashed. This crash left her two parents dead and her and her older brother alive. Now, Willow lives with her older brother, his wife, and their young daughter. To deal with her guilt, Willow constantly cuts herself and will not let her emotions out, let alone talk to anyone. At her job, though, she meets Guy who is different from everyone else. She soon opens up to guy and they fall in love with a little bit of a twisted romance. This book was a very tense read because I never knew what was going to happen with Guy and Willow in the beginning. The tension between Willow and her older brother was also very interesting through the book. One thing really ruined the ending for me though. The author went with a stereotypical ending and had Willow go back to her old house and have sex with Guy. This ruined the end for me because they had only kissed twice and the sex was completely unnecessary if you consider how Willow strived to be innocent and how Guy was such a gentleman. Having the book end in the stereotypical way of sex sort of ruined the ending for me. Despite the ending, the book was very good and I would definitely recommend it!


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