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Heaven is for RealLY GOOD
November 2, 2012, 12:55 pm
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Colton Burpo is just about the most innocent four-year-old on the planet. He was perfect and genuine and was fearless, right? Maybe in a different book because in Heaven is for Real, Colton dies. After suffering an endless “sickness” and many doctors, Colton is diagnosed with appendicitis. He is rushed into emergency surgery and essentially for a few minutes, dies. After his surgery he tells his mom and dad, Sonja and Todd, that he saw them weeping, praying, and even being infuriated with God during his surgery. This was all true and led Todd, a pastor, to believe that Colton maybe did die and go to Heaven.

Perhaps one of the most stunning parts in the book is how Colton describes the throne of God and his surroundings. He says that God is the tallest and mightiest with the bigger chair. Jesus is to His left and is the second tallest. He also says that Jesus had holes, four to be exact, which are in his arms and legs. Colton also says that Jesus was wearing a crown. To God’s left was even a surprise for me. Colton said that John the Baptist, a supposed relative of Jesus Christ, sat at the left of Him. The Jesus told Colton the key to get into Heaven: “‘Believe in me’.” He then sent Colton back to Earth because he was answering his father’s prayer. This chapter truly made my heart sink.

Overall, the book was great. I if you believe in life after death, this book is intended for you! Put this book on your bucket list because it is so powerful and amazing. If you’re skeptical about Christ, He answers all of your questions in this non-fiction. I loved it and I strongly encourage you to read it! ~ Tyler Herron


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