Reading for a Lifetime Together

December 7, 2012, 6:01 am
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I read Chain Reaction by Simone Elkeles. In the book, Luis is at his oldest brother Alex’s wedding when he meets Nikki. She turns him down and he takes the rejection as an invitation to pursue her further. He tries to get her attention, but by the end of the night she is still ignoring him. On her way home, she begins to feel sick and ends up going to the hospital where she miscarries her ex-boyfriend’s baby. Three years later, Luis and his mom move back to Chicago. On his first day back to school, he sees Nikki. From then on, he tries to capture her attention. They have chemistry class together which Nikki spends trying to ignore Luis. Before she realizes it she falls in love with him. They begin dating, but when Luis joins the Latino Blood, they break up. Nikki comes clean to Luis about what happened with her ex-boyfriend and his baby, and why she wouldn’t trust him, Luis decides he wants out of the gang, and when he’s almost shot, Nikki saves his life. In the epilogue they end up married. I really enjoyed this book. I’ve read it several times, and I haven’t gotten tired of it yet. I think it’s a great book. I can never put it down once I start it. I own the whole set.


-Carissa Bell


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