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Heaven is for Real
December 7, 2012, 6:39 am
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Heaven is for Real

Colton Burpo was just like any normal child when he became sick. The only difference was the doctors were not able to diagnose his condition correctly leading him to become increasingly sick. After things became so bad he was taken to the hospital and was taken into surgery. While he was in surgery, he is able to see everything his family was doing. Colton tells his father who is a pastor at a local church about how he meets God. He is able to personally describe everything that people all around the hospital do while he was under the anesthetic. He talks about seeing God and describes everything that he sees in great detail.

My favorite part of this book was when Colton describes to his father in perfect detail how he saw heaven. The stories in the Bible matched perfectly to the things Colton says that he saw in heaven. Colton talks about how Jesus has four holes in his body. When his dad questions where the holes were on Jesus’ body, Colton points directly to the spots in his hands and feet where the Bible says that Jesus was nailed to the cross. The other part of the story that made me sit back and think was when he described to his father what Jesus looks like. Whenever he saw a picture of Jesus they would ask Colton what was wrong with the picture. The only time he saw a picture of Jesus that he thought looked how he remembered Jesus was when he saw a picture that was drawn by another child that claims to have seen God.

I really enjoyed this book, it made me take a new perspective and look at how I need to live my life. I recommend this book to everyone. Personally, the reason that made this story so touching was reading it and thinking about how everything described in the story actually happened. I strongly suggest this to anyone who enjoys a good heartwarming story. -Kari Gaskill


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